Neary Khmer, which translates to Khmer Women, is a non-profit, non-governmental organization, based in Siem Reap, Cambodia.  The city is famous for the Angkor temples, a national pride and heritage of Cambodia. Although the city has had a huge economic boost in recent years due to tourism, much of the Cambodian population, especially those in the countryside, continue to live in poverty. Neary Khmer’s primary work is to educate women in the countryside about health and nutrition as they are the primary home makers and caretakers in each home.  Neary Khmer targets the poorest of villages and has implemented microfinancing in villages to promote steady community sustainability and growth.

Neary Khmer is a small organization (with 8 staff members) that was started about 10 years ago.  Despite it’s size, Neary Khmer has done much work and has noticeably made an impact on the lives of villages and beneficiaries.  Neary Khmer is always looking for volunteers (3+ months) and donors to help fund future  and current projects.

Village Meeting


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