Going HomeI decided to set up a blog to record my travels and experience abroad not only for myself, but for others as well. Hopefully, this blog can become a reference for others so that they too may be inspired to work for a non-profit, or simply to see parts of the world that are unknown to them.

To explain my choice in my blog name, A Little Fish in the Sea, I must confess that I’ve been re-reading a zen comic book that I’ve had for as long as I can remember. The book itself contains numerous short comics that are about a page or two, but without a doubt, this book has shaped the way I think and has served as a simple reference for my own thoughts and reflections.

The first comic in the book is about a baby fish who asks an elder fish what the sea is. The elder fish tells the little fish that “the sea is what surrounds you.” The little fish who is confused asks why he can’t see it. The elder fish replies, “The sea is within you and all around you. You were born in the sea and will die in the sea. The sea envelops you, just like your own skin does.”

‘As Confucius [once] said, “Fish forget that they live in lakes and rivers; people forget that they live in the magic of the Dao.”‘

Like the little fish, I often forget about the huge world that we live in. There are countless things for me to learn and I’m excited to learn from traveling and working in different parts of the world. As a little fish in a big world, I intend to explore it and write about my experiences for future self-reflections and I hope that this blog can act as a reference for others.

I can best be reached at lakhina3@gmail.com.